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Decatur Regional Chamber Membership 

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We are a pro-business network providing service, political advocacy, and leadership to strengthen education, community image and local business.  We look forward to partnering with you in meeting this mission and helping you grow your business.  Simply put, our mission is to work for you!

Referrals, cost-savings programs, business seminars, and numerous opportunities for networking are just a few of the many benefits which accompany Chamber membership.  Isn’t it time to invest in the success of your organization and our region?


The first few years in business can be some of
the hardest. Your chamber membership puts
several resources at your fingertips, connects
you with the business community, and supports
you as you invest in your new business.


After you’ve established your business, you
start building upon the relationships you’ve
made. Your reputation in the community grows
and you can focus on other areas of business
needed to sustain a profitable company.


Larger companies, businesses with several
locations, and those well established in the
community tend to focus on new
technologies and innovative ways to
streamline or enhance business practices.


Growing beyond your original storefront is a
visible reminder of business success.
Expansion, investment, and support of smaller
communities prove strength in business.


While you understand the ins and outs of
business, your partnership with organizations
are important to the vitality of your community.
Regional partnerships are the backbone to
which not only the community, but small
businesses succeed.


Legacy is a representation of your body of
work. A business’s contribution to growth,
innovation and opportunity extends beyond
the workplace. Sustainable impact and
influence on our community defines our legacy

To learn more about becoming a member of the Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce please email or call 217-422-2200 and ask for David Schrock.