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CQI Associates Energy Cooperative

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CQI Associates Energy Co-Op has leveraged the combined purchasing power of over 140 Chamber member businesses, along with several hundred Illinois chamber businesses, to negotiate reduced energy rates to help bring down business costs, providing budget stability with a fixed rate.

Chamber Business Partners, Gold, and Silver Level Chamber members take FULL advantage of this cost-reducing program. Bronze members can take advantage of the program at a reduced discount rate.

By The Numbers

In the past 10 years members have saved over $6,000,000. 

Last year alone members saved $587,400. 

On average, co-op members EACH saved $3,850 a year.

Join the growing number of businesses that have reduced their energy costs by an annual average of over 16%. This can pay for your membership with The Chamber AND leave you with extra money at the end of the year.


Ready to Join or Renew? Start Here!

What is the benefit of joining a cooperative rather than going directly to a third-party supplier? Every time a member joins the co-op, it increases purchasing power.  That results in electric and natural gas rates that are more affordable, consistent, and at prices lower than what is available to the individual business.

Who is CQI Associates? CQI Associates, LLC is an Illinois licensed and bonded energy management and procurement firm which has been in business for over 20 years aiding commercial and residential customers nationwide. CQI is the energy expert.

  1. Provide a recent copy of your utility bills for all accounts you are enrolling.  If you have a current contract with an energy supplier you'll want to have a copy of that available too.
  2. Complete and sign the Letter of Authorization (available HERE.)
  3. Mail or bring the paperwork to The Chamber office:  101 S. Main St., Suite 102, Decatur IL  62523 and we'll take it from there!



"We encourage customers to explore other electric supply alternatives just as the Decatur Chamber and other local businesses in Decatur have done. For many business customers, switching electric suppliers may provide relevant cost savings." - Stacey Young, Spokesperson for Ameren Illinois

"Significant savings are evident since we have been part of the chamber's electric co-op." - Lane Ransdell, First Christian Church

"We have saved over $10,000 on an annual basis since joining the electric co-op." - Jeff Ingle, General Manager, The Decatur Club

"We want to thank the chamber and CQI for sincere dedication to be of service to your clients. We signed up with the Chamber of Commerce with the desire to become a part of the energy co-op and have saved many dollars on our utilities." - Reverend Donald Horath, Hillside Bethel Ministries

Call us at 217.422.2200 or email HERE.