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    Refreshment Services Pepsi
    Job Description
    distribution of stock. Maintain warehouse stock in proper order, while keeping the warehouse neat and organized. Provide the general janitorial & light maintenance work to the company premises.
    Duties & responsibilities:
    • Unload product from incoming trucks, and place in proper area in warehouse. Utilize proper rotation of stock while storing new product. Unloading and movement of product will be done using a forklift, pallet jack and/or hand carts.
    • Reload empty trucks with damage and product that is to be recycled, for delivery back to Wispak.
    • Load trucks for delivery of product to customer locations, per instructions on the bulk order sheets. Loading will be done using a forklift, pallet jack and/or hand carts.
    • Build bulk orders on pallets from warehouse stock.
    • General janitorial tasks inside the building. This includes running the floor scrubber on the warehouse floor.
    • General light maintenance tasks inside and outside the building.
    • Fill CO2 tanks.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    Education & experience:
    • High school diploma or GED required.
    • Forklift experience or certification preferred.
    Skills & abilities:
    • Must be able to frequently lift up to 60 lbs.
    • Must be able to use basic tools, such as: utility knife, floor scrubber, floor jack, hand carts, etc.)
    • Must be able to follow written and oral instructions.
    Physical demands:
    • Repetitive lifting of up to 60 lbs.
    • Frequent pushing, pulling, bending, stooping, standing, turning, twisting and walking.
    • Work in varying job conditions including; heat, cold, damp, inside, outside.
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