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  • 911 Call Takers-PART TIME

    Central Illinois Regional Dispatch Center
    Job Description
    1078 W Rotary Way
    Decatur, IL 62521

    The Central Illinois Regional Dispatch Center (C.I.R.D.C.) will conduct an examination and
    establish an eligible register for Part-Time 911 Call Takers.

    Hourly Pay: $15.00 with growth potential

    Applications are available at 1078 W Rotary Way, Decatur, Illinois.
    Application deadline is 4:30p.m. February 22nd, 2019.

    Persons passing all phases of the selection process will be placed on an eligible register which will
    be used for a period of two years or until exhausted.

    Qualified candidates must be able to become certified in the Law Enforcement Agency Data
    System (LEADS). This means candidates cannot have a felony conviction. Candidates must
    be of good moral character and will be subject to a thorough background check including, but not
    limited to, police records check; credit check; inquiries of neighbors, relatives, employers, and
    other references; and Internet searches. Candidates may be eliminated from the process at any
    time based on adverse information obtained from the background check. This includes
    information discovered about the candidate that would reflect negatively upon the C.I.R.D.C. if
    the candidate was hired.

    The C.I.R.D.C. is a continuous operation, and 9-1-1 Call Takers are needed during peak 911 call
    periods. Applicants will be asked to work during peak call times, in 4-6 hour shifts, sometimes on
    weekends and holidays. Those selected for the part-time positions, will have be considered for
    preferential placement for future selections to full-time Emergency Communications Specialist

    All applicants will be required to take a computer-based test. The test will take approximately 2
    hours. A photo I.D. will be required to enter the testing room.

    Applicants remaining in the process will be required to participate in a sit-along at the Emergency
    Communications Center, to give them a realistic view of the Emergency Communications
    Specialist position. They will be required to write a one page synopsis of their sit-along
    experience. Candidates are expected to dress in business casual clothing for the sit-along. Tshirts,
    sweat clothes, jeans and shorts are prohibited. The sit-along will take approximately eight
    hours, a standard dispatch shift.

    Finally, applicants who are still in the process will be notified regarding an oral interview. The
    oral interview will take approximately 30 minutes.

    Graduation from high school or equivalent, including or supplemented by courses in data entry, office practices, and computers; experience in general office work providing contact with the public, preferably including some experience in radio communications or dispatch work; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

    1. Considerable knowledge of the geography of Macon County and landmarks or ability to acquire such knowledge rapidly.
    2. Knowledge of office practices and procedures; thorough knowledge of proper grammar and spelling.
    3. Ability to react quickly and calmly during emergencies and to formulate accurate, prudent decisions in a stressful environment.
    4. Ability to deal with the public courteously, firmly and tactfully.
    5. Ability to speak in a clear, calm, well-modulated voice and to write legibly.
    6. Ability to learn and apply a variety of laws, ordinances and departmental policies and regulations.
    7. Ability to communicate effectively and to understand and follow moderately complex oral and written instructions.
    8. Skill in the use of standard office equipment.
    9. Skill in the use of computer equipment and personal computers.
    10. Skill in the use of a T.D.D. (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf).
    11. Ability to lift and carry up to 15 pounds
    12. Full use of fingers
    13. Full use of both hands
    14. Far vision correctible to 20/20 – 20/40 in both eyes
    15. Ability to distinguish basic colors
    16. Ability to hear within normal range, with or without the use of a hearing device
    17. Ability to use active listening skills and hear amid background noise.
    18. Ability to receive information over the phone, summarize and translate that information into the computer database system in an efficient and accurate manner by way of data entry.
    19. Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced work environment
    20. While training selected candidates will be required to attend and pass Emergency Medical Dispatch certification for continued employment.

    EXAMPLES OF WORK (typical work examples, but not limited to the following)

    1. Dispatches police units and personnel on details and backups on independent initiative in conformance with departmental policies and standards, or following established schedules
    and instructions of a police officer. This is accomplished through the use of a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System.
    2. Receives citizen complaints and inquiries by phone; determines appropriate action in accordance with established policy or refers the citizen to a supervisor or other agency; provides information requested by citizens, when appropriate; maintains some records and files on a variety of booking, informational, licensing and other matters.
    3. Receives fire alarms, emergency medical calls, and disaster calls; obtains information on injuries, first aid requirements, disaster needs or type of fire in progress; evaluates information and dispatches firefighting equipment according to established schedules; sounds Civil Defense sirens.
    4. Operates computer link to the State and Federal information; this includes both entry and retrieval of information.
    5. Logs calls, maintains a variety of files and records, wanted persons, stolen vehicles and other required information.
    6. Operates as central communications center for field personnel and units during emergencies; monitors additional radio channels, as necessary.
    7. Makes record checks on suspects, arrested persons, vehicles and other items.
    8. Performs related work and other duties as assigned.


    Employees must establish residency within the corporate limits of Macon County within 90 days following the completion of their 12 month probationary period.

    APPLY: Central Illinois Regional Dispatch Center
    1078 W Rotary Way
    Decatur, Illinois 62521
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